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Hundreds of volunteers have spent countless hours trying to educate neighbours and Town Council on the dangers of this project to our quality of life and the alternate profitable possibilities of a smaller hotel development in keeping with our scenic village life. We have not been successful. The time has come to recruit professional help… which costs money! If you love our community, please give what you can.
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Residents and visitors alike love the feel of our scenic seaside village. For some it evokes memories of the award-winning Beachcomber TV series. For others it provides a gorgeous space for outrigger paddling, sailing, and other water sports. For yet others the unobstructed views of Keats Island and the mountains create a sense of renewal and connection with nature.

The number one development issue that most residents agreed on, in recent community consultations, was the importance of maintaining village scale and character in the Landing and protecting views of the water and surrounding areas.

    But now all this is being threatened by a gigantic “urban” hotel and high-rise condo project being proposed on the waterfront, which threatens to:

    • Destroy the village feel of the Landing
    • Endanger our drinking water aquifer, voted the “Best Water in the World”
    • Risk contaminating the harbour with toxins
    • Block 24-hour public access to the waterfront
    • Privatize the waterlots granted to the Town for public use
    • Put small locally-owned companies out of business

    Let’s save our picturesque Gibsons’ Landing waterfront and our aquifer!